Posteado por: altitud6000 | agosto 28, 2010

Huayna Potosí with “la famille Charlet”

Yet another Huayna Potosí adventure! This time with the Charlet family from France, travelling across South America in their Land Rover!  Mother, father, and son set out to climb Huayna Potosí on a 3-day expedition on August 23-35, 2010 with ALTITUD6000 team: Juancho & Sergio (guides) amd Marcial (cook). Below are photos of their adventure and successful summit!

Bruno, Véronique and Jonathan in Base Camp! (4,750 m)

A llama's view....

High Camp (5,130 m) at high time! Getting ready for the summit trip at 1:00 am. The anxious and excited family woke up the guides!

Sunrise on the slopes

A very rocky summit, and the bowl full of snow penitentes - conditions as of August 25, 2010

The Amazon Basin, in a cloud forest

Crossing over crevasses in the early morning sunlight - warms up those hands, toes and faces pretty quick!

Beautiful day!

The Charlet family at the summit of 6, 088 m!

Huayna Potosí summit, Nepali style! View of the Cordillera Real from 6,088 m

Coming down over a crevasse! Watch your step...Check out that huge crevasse - impressive! I wouldn't want to wait too long standing above that small snow ledge... just sayin.


Another fantastic trip with great people! Good luck to this wonderful family as they continue their journey through South America!



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