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This blog has been designed as a place to share mountain stories and pictures of recent expeditions! We hope that you’ll follow along and share some of your own comments as well! If you have just returned from an expedition with us, please by all means post some feedback or your own debriefings in the comments box below!

For programs and expedition information, please visit the Altitud 6000 Homepage: http://www.altitud6000.com

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Any questions or requests for more information can be sent to: info@altitud6000.com


ALTUTID 6000 is a premier provider of mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and trekking adventures in the Cordilleras (Mountain Ranges) of Bolivia. We offer trips and programs from single-day to week-long courses, and from beginner to expert level. With our expert guides and experienced mountain cooks, we specialize in quality High Mountain expeditions above 6000 m, in both the Cordillera Real and the Cordillera Occidental de los Andes.

Our company operates differently than any other mountaineering company in La Paz, because it is owned and run by mountain guides. Upon entering our office, you will be greeted by mountain guides. Why are we in the office, and not in the mountains? We feel this is the best way to ensure that all your questions and concerns are adequetely met, and that you are best prepared and confident with your expedition before departure. This is not only reassuring for you, but also so that we may know our clients, know their needs and expectations, so make sure we are also best prepared, and provide you with the best experience possible.


Osvi and Juancho

ALTITUD 6000 was founded by Osvaldo Cortez and Juan Jose Miranda in 2010. Previously working as mountain guides for other companies, they were unsatisfied with bureaucracies and the quality of service provided for the clients. After climbing together for 15 years, they decided that the only way they could provide the full service they wanted for the client was to start fresh, and build a new mountaineering company. In 2009, they began the foundations, with new ideas and new standards, from the ground up, to Altitud 6000.


Who we are

Osvaldo Cortez Y.

My name is Osvaldo Cortez Y. I was born in La Paz city in 1969. I came from a craftsmanship family that specialized on sweing fancy dresses for carnivals. One could also say that I have inherited such craftsmanship.

After my military service during the nineties, I began working for a travel agency as a driver. I soon became responsible for Colibrí Travel Agency’s transportations. My responsibility was not only in the office, but also to drive and transport tourists to the base camp of the mountains.

I was always intrigued as to what drove people to climb mountains, and wondered myself what it felt like to stand at the summit. This inspired me to make my first ascent, which was Huayna Potosí, and from that moment, my love for the mountains was complete. Mountaineering gave me a purpose in life, and my first ascent, I  knew I could never get enough.

I took classes specialized in mountaineering, first with Bolivian instructors and next with French instructors such as Ancelme Baud. From here, I officially entered the A.G.M.T. Asociación de Guías de Montaña y Trekking de Bolivia (1998).

Currently, I have the title of Mountain Guide authorized by UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides Association) and A.G.M.T. of Bolivia (2010).


Juan José Miranda U.

My name is Juan Jose Miranda U. (Juancho) and I am from Oruro, Bolivia. Shortly after finishing my studies in Oruro, I moved to La Paz for work, and began rock climbing in my spare time. I was presented with an opportunity to enter into tourism working in the operations department of a tour agency called Colibrí, where I met Osvaldo.

During this time, one of the managers approached me, suggesting that I had the makings of a guide, and recommended me for a mountain guiding course. He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime — to be able to acommpany groups up the mountain.

By 1999, I participated in a professional level High Mountain course as an observant. I did well in this level and was able to compete with the more advanced climbers.

After this, I took the course for aspiring mountain guides, and received a scholarship to finish my studies in France. However, at that moment there was another opportunity to take the same final course right here in Bolivia. I decided to finish my courses here in Bolivia, in the mountains that I love.

Currently, I am a Mountain Guide accredited by the UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides Association) and A.G.M.T. of Bolivia (2010). Thanks to my profession, I have been able to travel all around South America to climb. Aside from loving my work, I also enjoy ice and rock climbing, as well as photography.


Simon Canaviri


After working with Juancho and Osvaldo for 10 years, Simon is an integral part of  our mountain team. Finally working together under the name of Altitud 6000, Simon is our superb High Mountain chef.

Travelling with our trek and summit teams, Simon is as strong as any climber, all the while carrying his pots and cooking stove. He often summits with the team, and then hurries back down to passionately prepare one of his delicious soups. If you have never tasted Simon’s famous Mountain Crepes at 5,000 m on a mountainside, you’re really missing a very special part of Bolivia!

Cayley Moffat


After finishing her Bachelor of Commerce in Canada, specializing in Entrepreneurship, she set out to travel South America for a year.

Cayley first met the Altitud 6000 team passing through Bolivia: she came to our office wanting to climb Huayna Potosí, what would be her first High Mountain. She connected with the philosophy of Altitud 6000 and the dynamics of the team, and had many ideas for expanding the new business . She agreed to join the team leading their Marketing and Sales, with the opportunities to travel with the guides and know more of the Cordilleras de Bolivia.



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