Programs in Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the best countries in the world to tackle your first (or fiftieth) High Mountain Summit, because it still remains relatively unexplored by tourists.  What’s more, it’s affordable!

With over 1,000 mountain summits over 5,000 m to choose from,  the only thing any one of these expeditions might be lacking is a bit of oxygen! 

Challenge your physical and mental limits with the summit experience of a lifetime, from one of Bolivia’s many summits at 6000 metres above sea level! 

  • Pequeño Alpamayo   (5,450 m)
  • Cabeza del Condor   (5,648 m)
  • Acotango   (6,077 m)
  • Huayna Potosí   (6,088 m)
  • Pomerape (6,222 m)
  • Parinacota   (6,330 m)
  • Illampu   (6,370 m)
  • Ancohuma   (6,420 m)
  • Illimani    (6,442 m)
  • Sajama   (6,549 m)

Pequeño Alpamayo


Situated in the Condoriri Valley, this is a stunningly impressive peak, yet very popular amongst inexperienced climbers. A perfect glacier base for ice climbing practicing and learning sessions, this peak is summitted from the Chiar Khota Base Camp in less than five hours.  


Cabeza del Condor

  CABEZA DEL CONDOR  (5,648 m) 

The Head of the Condor is a mixed climb (with rock and ice), and much more technical than its neighbor Pequeño Alpamayo. Situated in the middle of the Cordillera Real, scaling the Head of the Condor (5,648 m) provides a beautiful view of the surrounding valley. 



 ACOTANGO  (6,077 m) 

This is our version of the “World’s Easiest 6000’er”! With no technicality, it can be climbed with no experience, and without crampons or ice axe. Straddling the Chilean border, it provides the best view of the Cordillera Occidental. Within the Sajama National Park, its summit provides spectacular views of Sajama and the two Payachata Volcanoes.  


Huayna Potosí

 HUAYNA POTOSÍ  (6,088 m)

Huayna Potosí is known around the world as “the easiest 6,000 m climb in the world”, due to its accessability and ease of acclimatization.The most popular summit in Bolivia, Huayna Potosí is not only the most accessible summit (6,088 m), but is renowned for its most spectacular panoramic views of the Cordillera Real.



POMERAPE  (6,222 m)

The slightly smaller of the two Payachatas (Twin Volcanoes), Pomerape offers a more difficult climb and is the most non-commercial climb of the Cordillera Occidental. its summit has three peaks, and all three can be summitted in one go!




PARINACOTA  (6,330 m)

The higher of the two Payachatas (Twin Volcanoes), this perfect cone-shaped inactive volcano at 6,330 m has a magnificent open crater 700 m wide and 240 m deep – that’s larger (and higher!) than Ecuador’s Cotopaxi!




ANCOHUMA  (6,427 m)

One of the most isolated mountains in the Cordillera Real, Ancohuma’s 5-day expedition to 6,427 m provides the “real” high-mountain experience, with sparkling lagoons, crumbling glaciers, three stunning surrounding peaks all over 6,000 m, and sleeping on a glacier at 5,720 m!




  ILLIMANI (6,442 m)

Illimani is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real de los Andes and the second highest mountain in Bolivia. Perched high above Bolivia’s capital city, its three summits stand majestically at the end of the main streets of La Paz. A challenging four day climb with a technical summit, Illimani will litterally take your breath away.



 SAJAMA  (6,555 m)

If you’re looking for a climb that will really take your breath away, look to the highest peak in Bolivia, at 6555 m. Located in the Cordillera Occidental 25 km from the Chilean border, climbing a volcano is a very different experience than climbing the tectonic plates of the Cordillera Real. This ruggedly stunning environment includes hot springs, adobe-brick pre-Inca burial chambers, and keñua tres (the highest trees in the world). 






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